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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the questions we hear a lot, and you´ll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don´t hesitate to contact us — we´re here to help.

  • What is Developer Toolkit?

    It´s a revolutionary development framework for customizing and extending SAP ERP applications. It works with any SAP modules and can load data into SAP from Excel, PDF, Salesforce and more. It brings more flexibility to SAP development environment for complex problem solving.
    Developer Toolkit offers three features that legacy development tools can´t match:

    • One development: Build upon existing SAP transaction with pace and ease to get a scalable and stable application for optimal performance.

    • One platform: Develop cross-platform applications with single code base methodology for improving performance, usability, and productivity.

    • One user experience: It´s natively integrated with SAP, so it delivers the fastest simplified, streamlined, personalize and consistent UI.

  • What´s the difference between Debugger, Designer and Workbench?
    • Debugger provides scripts inspecting environment for debugging, developing and visualizing Liquid UI scripts efficiently.

    • Designer gives you ability to replicate SAP screen and customize it to fit your business needs.

    • Workbench provides recording capability to capture require SAP fields and generate output scripts for Excel, PDF, SAP GUI, Mobile or even Offline devices.

  • How hard is it to learn Developer Toolkit?

    Unlike legacy development tools, Developer Toolkit is designed to be use by a programmer as well as a non-programmer.
    It´s easier to learn and implement. The users don´t need any prior programming or scripting background to get started. Once the initial layout is created, anyone with basic JavaScript knowledge can finalize the interface adding more advanced UI elements.

  • Does Developer Toolkit only produces desktop scripts?

    The advanced Liquid UI programming approach brings more control and collaboration to your company. The Liquid UI Developer Toolkit enables enterprises to use custom SAP solutions on a wide variety of touch points, including Desktop, Mobile or even Offline devices without touching the backend.

  • Do I need to upgrade my SAP?

    Nope. The generated scripts are compatible with SAP ECC 4.6C and above.

  • How do I get Developer Toolkit?

    If you´re interested in learning more, please contact your Liquid UI account executive, or let us know where we can contact you.