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Move data between your SAP and PDF with ease – use the application you already know and stay productive.

Liquid UI connects the hole between your SAP and PDF by enabling you to work from familiar interfaces to handle data in and out of SAP. Liquid UI for PDF allows you to record data in PDF and then do an upload to a given SAP transaction. It enables you to extract data from a given SAP transaction and modify/analyze it in PDF while providing error handling and data validations.


  • Enter, change, and extract bulk data from SAP using Excel
  • Create Excel, Word, Access, and PDF files
  • Check spelling via Microsoft Word
  • Accept POSTed forms from PDF files
  • Identify/flag all user mistakes during data entry process
  • Record, edit and construct SAP transactions


Liquid UI for PDF in Action

Material Management Module

Liquid UI for PDF enables customers to input multiple financial transactions into SAP, or who wish to input data using a PDF form. Like the Liquid UI for Excel example utilizing the SD module, this is also convenient for finance users to input data to SAP without actually needing to manipulate SAP itself.

Example: A user might have a form that is repeatedly input containing different datum. Using a PDF form, the user can input any values necessary. Then the user would need to simply navigate to the correct screen in SAP and once again, a single button click would upload the data from PDF to SAP.

Benefits: The user is able to quickly input data into the PDF form´s pre-set fields, eliminating any need to perform data manipulation in SAP. Then a single button-click would upload the data to SAP. In this manner a great deal of similar types of data can be quickly and easily uploaded to SAP by a single user in a short amount of time.

Liquid UI for Excel - SAP MM

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