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Liquid UI Platform

An enterprise grade framework for developing and deploying new SAP business applications with a unified ui strategy across mobile and desktop environments.

If you need your application to target multiple platforms, you could use a native approach in which you build an application for each platform. A major downside of this approach is that you must build the applications with complex development tools and languages, and maintain multiple codebases for the same application. Because each version of the application is built with a different language, different programming model, and different toolset, it is difficult for the same team to build and maintain all versions, and often a separate team is needed to build each version. For many IT organizations, this multiple codebase and multiple team approach is not a sustainable model. The Liquid UI Platform provides a highly scalable framework for rapid development and deployment of customized, tailored and streamlined SAP business processes or new SAP applications.

Liquid UI Architecture

The Liquid UI Platform creates an agile and cost-efficient environment by delivering simplified and customized user interfaces across a wide variety of touchpoints. It powers thousands of companies who run SAP applications across physical, virtual and mobile environments. Harnessing the strength of a multithreaded architecture and a simple development scripting methodology, the Liquid UI Platform can provide enterprises greater efficiency, precision, competitive advantage and automation of your business processes.

At its core, Liquid UI Platform consists of the Liquid UI Server, various client software for the touchpoints (e.g, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile/CE, etc), and a Developer Toolkit. Liquid UI Server is a light-weight, pass-through server between the SAP server and the client software that consolidates the SAP application screens to streamline user interaction with the SAP server without the need to install additional components on each individual user system or mobile device. The Developer Toolkit let's users quickly build high quality transactional applications which can be deploys on a wide variety of client touch points such as Desktop, Mobile, Web and Offline devices.


  • Consistent and Unified UI Strategy
    The Liquid UI Platform brings more control and collaboration to your company. enabling enterprises to use custom SAP modules on a wide variety of touch points, including Desktop, Mobile, Web or even Offline devices.
  • Accelerate your business
    Simple yet powerful and agile, the Liquid UI Platform makes it easy for the users to increase business efficiencies and productivity. The Liquid UI Platform includes GuiXT technology that enables a simple approach to delivering new user interfaces through centralized deployment. And because the Liquid UI Platform provides easy deployment and management, it's perfect for any size company.
  • Flexible and Extendable
    The Liquid UI Platform not only enables enterprises to build, deploy and manage SAP software applications but also the ability to extend and reuse the scripts across any touchpoint. The single codebase approach offers a dramatic productivity gain compared to the native approach. Productivity is further increased by the use of a familiar programming model with JavaScript to pull fields from different screens to create new applications. Maintenance and updates as your applications evolve can be easily deployed without having to update each individual touch point.
  • Fast Deployments
    Liquid UI development tools simplify designing and deploying new SAP applications by starting from already existing transactions, and using the tools to aggregate screens, tabs, and transactions. Developers focus less on code writing and more on defining the new business processes resulting in faster implementations and ROI.
  • Open, flexible architecture
    Seamlessly extend all enterprise data to mobile using Liquid UI mobility solutions.
  • Leverage existing resources
    Based on ECMA-262 compliant JavaScript technology, use your web developers to create screens that contain fields from different screens, creating new applications.
  • Extensive peripheral support
    Liquid UI offers out-of-the-box integration with bar code scanners, RFID, wireless printers, including advanced bar code scanning configuration for iOS devices.
  • Patented connectivity
    Liquid UI is built on patented connectivity technology that connects directly to SAP via native protocols, eliminating the need for any additional security layer and potential security threats, preserving data integrity and allowing changes to occur in real time.
  • Easy to support
    Liquid UI's centrally managed architecture allows applications updates and revisions to flow automatically from the server to client desktops, browser-based clients, or mobile devices deployed in the field.
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    With a single framework supporting multiple applications, total cost of ownership remains balanced because updates are more easily managed and there is a combined lower level of maintenance and training requirements for staff.

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