August 2013 :
Part 3: Powerful GuiXT Liquid UI for SAP ERP Advanced Capabilities [ Synactive Inc. ]


Speakers: Zac Lee, Project Manager, Synactive and DeeDee Kato, Product Marketing Director, Synactive

Description: In this 1 hour webinar, you will learn the power of Liquid UI, an SAP user connectivity platform for both desktop and mobile applications. The Liquid UI Platform is a powerful set of tools and runtime components that is based on our unique patented technology for connecting to SAP, a 64-bit multi-threaded, cross plaform engine, and a Web Scripting (WS) language which is used to create simplified transaction-based applications for the desktop, mobile touchpoints like iOS, browsers (e.g. HTML5) and disconnected offline devices. In Part 3 of this Technical Webinar series, you will learn (in addition to our 'record to script capability'), how WS Scripting, which is fully compatible with industry-standard ECMA-compliant JavaScript, has been extended to provide a richer language and modeling construct to support advanced application integration scenarios for SAP GUI or mobile devices.
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