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Empower developers with a recorder.

Workbench provides a recording capability to capture require SAP fields and generate output scripts for Excel, PDF, SAP GUI, Mobile or even Offline devices.

Record SAP transactions.

Don´t reinvent the wheel. With Workbench, you can navigate through different screens or tabs and record any fields or table cells. Just record your process and deliver the new, simplified process to different touch-points.


Integrate with different interfaces.

Workbench includes robust, out-of-the-box templates that handle different interfaces and let you specify where you want to deploy generated scripts. Using templates, you get precision control over how data is rendered across your devices.


Error handling and data validation.

Workbench allows you to perform data validation on the recorded fields. The validation is done base on criteria define in the scripts. The validation criteria can either include a list of values, range of values, pattern matches or regular expression.


Tap into an unparalleled control.

Combine the best of both worlds: an experience that developers love with enterprise-level features that companies need. With Workbench, you can do automatic script generation, bulk data migration, auto-mapped SAP fields and more in the scripts.


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