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Customize SAP with clicks or code.

Designer gives you the ability to replicate SAP screen and customize it to fit your business needs using WYSIWYG or Script editor.

Build upon SAP faster.

With Designer, you can build powerful SAP apps or make SAP changes without writing a line of code. Now, developers and business users can create powerful SAP customizations with drag-and-drop ease using our Designer.


Create apps and components with code.

If you need to go beyond clicks, you can create cross-platform components or build entirely new user interfaces as per your unique needs using Designer's Script editor.


Make changes at runtime.

Revolutionize your development environment by giving your developers ability to replicate SAP screens. All screens customizations are done via scripts and any changes made in Designer are reflected on SAP, once the script is saved.


Generate a script for the relevant transaction.

Designer generates a script file for each screen or transaction. Inside the Liquid UI script folder, each customized transaction / screen is represented by separate files and can be managed independently without affecting other files.


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Explore how Liquid UI can help you tune your SAP infrastructure to achieve business growth objectives at low cost and get high-quality software and solution on time.

Try free for 30 days.

Get started with Developer Toolkit - Designer today. When you sign up for a free trial, you get Liquid UI Server and Designer so you can start customizing your SAP in minutes. With customized SAP, you can improve your performance, usability and productivity right away.


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