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Unleash the power of your SAP without network connectivity – similar UI across online and offline mode.

Liquid UI Offline is a patented solution (# 8140617) that lets you leverage your SAP in the field, substations, refineries, oil rigs, or even outside the city where it hard to find any network connection. The data collected outside of the network connection gets stored on the device, and later it is uploaded to an SAP system when access to a network becomes available. It removes laborious copying and pasting data to SAP or any error-prone transferring paper notes to SAP. Furthermore, you can easily customize and streamline your SAP for offline use by harnessing the power of our JavaScript based programming methodology.

Discover ways Liquid UI Offline empowers your users to continue their work with or without connectivity to SAP.

Drive productivity with or without connectivity to your SAP.

Connect and motivate your employees to work efficiently on SAP regardless of their location or connection to SAP. With Liquid UI Offline, you can create or edit work orders, view work order details, see historical order data, manage notifications and more – in offline mode. Later, the data gets uploaded to an SAP system when access to a network becomes available.

Offline - SAP Main Menu
Offline - SAP Notification Detail

Deliver an insightful, role-based SAP dashboard to accelerate growth.

Create a single view of your SAP data to help your offline users gain a clearer understanding of their functions along with better operational visibility. Employees can quickly make well-informed decisions even when they are not connected to your SAP system. Deliver all these capabilities and more using our easy to program, powerful JavaScript based development methodology.


Bring your SAP data to life for offline users and devices.

Engage your offline users with an error-free SAP UX on Windows OS or Windows CE devices. Rapidly build Liquid UI-powered SAP scripts that automate business processes like PM or WM designed for smaller devices. Furthermore, improve data integrity by eliminating keystrokes using RFID and barcode scanning technology.

Offline - SAP Work Order Detail

Take a closer look at Liquid UI Offline.

Request a personalized demo to get a hands-on look at Liquid UI Offline. You’ll see how easy it is to create, deploy, and manage an offline solution that increases your revenue and maximizes your productivity.