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Optimized Packaged Applications

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One of the main concerns for users of SAP ERP is that they have to spend time and resources to utilitize their software, but then find that it becomes an inhibitor to productivity and is inflexible to the changing business environment. The choices then become upgrading the backend to a new SAP version, put additional time and resources into more training, downloading new browsers, or even spending 1-4 years on a migration to HANA.

At the same time, it has become necessary to be able to access business applications from mobile devices. Today's customer expects 24 hour accessibility and immediate response time while out of the office dealing with customer orders, turning in work orders, or looking up inventory or materials. Busy executives, plant managers, sales reps, etc. need to be constantly connected to real-time data.

The Liquid UI Optimized Packaged Applications are customized applications that take the most useful SAP ERP processes and transforms the transaction screens to specific jobs, leaving the essential SAP coding untouched. The end product is a streamlined, practical solution that allows businesses to make changes quickly and to use their SAP software in a way that makes sense for their unique needs.

The Liquid UI Optimized Packaged Apps are not just a simple, single purpose, task-based apps. These full featured applications are your complete business process, combining multiple transactions, reducing the clutter for any role, then extending the new application to a web browser, mobile device, or back to SAP GUI.

Built on GuiXT technology, the Liquid UI Platform enables companies to extend your customized SAP ERP to iOS, Android, Mobile Scanning devices, HTML5 browsers or SAP GUI

Plant Maintenance Dashboard - Orca Sales and Distribution Dashboard - Orca Material Management Dashboard - Orca Procure to Pay Dashboard - Orca



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