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Plant Maintenance Console App

Enable your Plant Managers, Supervisors, Planners to easily monitor and manage work orders in a MOBILE environment

Give schedulers and planners the tools to organize and allocate work orders accurately and confidently and be more productive with the Plant Maintenance Console App. Market pressures constantly drive manufacturers to improve asset performance and Return on Assets (ROA), as well as fulfill customer demand for higher quality and shorter lead times. Optimizing asset performance is the key to controlling costs (to please shareholders) and maintaining product quality (to please customers).

Powered by GuiXT, the Plant Maintenance Console App is the ideal solution to make data collection and decision-making faster and easier, improving efficiencies and ensuring more value from enterprise systems. It allows the user to search and view plant maintenance order details in real-time from anywhere. The application provides PM order details in the form of a table and graphical representations. The planners and schedulers can view, interpret, and analyze large amounts of work-order data on a single screen, streamlining maintenance while reducing prep work.

Features and Benefits

  • Users can search plant maintenance orders by order number, functional location, equipment, maintenance plant, and created date.
  • Users can filter the returned results by priority range slider, start date slider, finish date slider, functional location dropdown, order status and order type.
  • Users can view the number of plant maintenance orders based on priority, functional Location, order status and order type.
  • One easy to use interface with work order drill down capabilities.
  • Real-time information access helps planners and schedulers organize and maintain their backlogs.
  • All the updated information resulting from data filtrations are display on the dashboard.
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