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AstraZeneca Cuts Processing Time by 50% by Automating and Mobilizing SAP PM Using Liquid UI


AstraZeneca (AZ) develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical and biotechnology products to treat disorders in the areas of gastrointestinal, cancer, cardiovascular, neuroscience, respiratory, inflammation, and oncology. The company has 50,000 employees and has been serving customers worldwide for more than 17 years.


  • Time-consuming and error-prone entries from paper to SAP
    • Cause: Laborious manual transferring Work Order details from paper to SAP.
    • Effect: Users had to enter data twice and costly errors correction.
  • Ensure easier creation and faster access to work orders, notifications, and confirmations
    • Cause: Users were getting overwhelmed with navigating through multiple transactions while creating, confirming and searching work orders.
    • Effect: There were drops in employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve operational efficiency
    • Cause: Personnel needs to take additional steps like capture pictures on the camera, print details, and walk to a terminal to manage work order data since it was trapped inside a ‘wired-only’ SAP system.
    • Effect: Maintenance personnel struggled, which made the plant maintenance process slow.


  • Liquid UI for iOS customized their SAP PM process by aggregating multiple screens and tabs on a dashboard.
  • Furthermore, Liquid UI provided portable SAP access to work order details anywhere in the plant.
  • Liquid UI enhanced their SAP PM with role-tailored dashboard based on user login. With this, the users only see the task or work orders assigned to them.
  • Liquid UI created pushbuttons to enable the users to perform tasks such as search work order details, create, change, display and confirm work order/notification all from the dashboard.
  • With Liquid UI for iOS, users can use a device´s camera to take picture and directly attach it in SAP.
  • Also, users can create work orders, view work order details, create notifications and generate confirmations, within SAP using an iPad.


  • Reduces steps involved in PM transaction by 60%
  • Optimized dashboard for different roles
  • Saves processing time up to 50%
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Higher ROI on SAP ERP

Next Steps

Liquid UI drives your workforce by providing instant mobile access, without the need to redevelop z* transactions or recreate them in Fiori. With Liquid UI, you can also customize transaction screens on iOS / Android as per your business needs.


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