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Marathon Oil Corporation Automates SAP PM, SAP MM, Planning and Scheduling Opeartions with Liquid UI for SAP GUI

Source: Building the Business Case: Marathon Oil Success Story


Marathon Oil Corporation (MOC) is an international, independent energy company engaged in exploration and production, oil sands mining and integrated gas. Based in Houston, Texas, the company has a strong portfolio of assets delivering defined growth leveraged to crude oil production with exploration upside.



Simplifying the SAP screen required showing users a business process that made sense to them, which was easy to navigate with big push buttons. They wanted to customize based on user roles which were tied to work center or security role of the plant. Based on their user role, when logging into SAP, it will present a specific home screen. This one screen was developed in 20 minutes by a Business Analyst using the Liquid UI Developer Toolkit. The Business Analyst had no programming background, but created this launch pad to provide instant access to any transaction, eliminating the need to memorize codes and save time.

The menu bar is simplified and meaningless buttons that intimidated the user were removed. Selecting the Eagle Ford Wells button will take the user right into their functional location hierarchy. The List Notifications and Work Orders screens were based on the user´s plant as a default, or the user can type in a different work center to use specific notifications and work orders to that work center. Any important technician criteria from the normal SAP screen can also be added.

For planners and schedulers, interpreting and analyzing work orders can be daunting. This customized screen pulls together all the information a Supervisor needs to make decisions faster, improving overall efficiencies and driving more value from SAP. The commonly used transactions are on the left, and the work orders are organized as a matrix of buttons by priority level and work order stage. For more detail, simply select any button and the work orders will be listed. For mass printing, mass material availability checks, mass permit checks and mass changes, multiple work orders can be selected and with one button, these actions can be performed.


Some of the key requirements for the project were to collect the data needed for Plant Maintenance, but also to have a solution implemented in a one month window before the system would be live. Aggressive growth was the key for the company, and with all the new hires, the system needed to be in place. The initial screen was created by a Business Analyst and then finished off by an internal developer with the help of Synactive professional services to meet the deadline.

For Marathon Oil, the Asset Reliability Team needed convincing that SAP was the right choice. The Business team drove the effort by having a few mock ups created to receive buy-in. The next step was to get the approval of the Asset Management Group who required additional justification. Showing the native SAP screens vs. the role-based views where a technician would only see the launch pad and a couple of screens proved valuable. Immediate buy-in was approved.

The schedule was also a critical factor because a production ready system was required in less than a month. Using the Liquid UI tools, Marathon Oil was able to reach its goal, and when the initial rollout took place, it only took 30 minutes for the Lead Operators to learn to input notifications.

Next Steps

Liquid UI drives your workforce by providing instant mobile access, without the need to redevelop z* transactions or recreate them in Fiori. With Liquid UI, you can also customize transaction screens on iOS / Android as per your business needs.


Liquid UI enables you to customize business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.


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