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Confirm Process Order App

Speed business with the Confirm Process Order in real time

With Liquid UI, Synactive enables companies to have flexibility and speed of their supply chain functions in a world of volatile demands through SAP on their mobile device. For most enterprises these inbound and outbound delivery processes are vital to business operations. It provides better insights, error proofing and high accuracy for faster responses to challenges and supply chain changes to gain a competitive edge.

Powered by the Liquid UI Platform, the Confirm Process Order app enables confirmation of finished products partially or completely related to a process order number. It allows companies to have total visibility of yield before confirming an order. The app provides a unified process that runs on various mobile devices (as well as through SAP GUI or Web browsers) resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Consolidate all required information necessary to confirm a finished product on a single reference point.
  • Reduce errors and have more buy-in for the application.
  • Search for Process Orders based by plant, materials and time period.
  • Confirm Process Order of a finished product partially or completely.
  • View the total, confirmed and remaining yield before confirming an order.
  • Clear all fields at once if required.
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