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SGM Improves 99% of Process Efficiency and Data Accuracy by Streamlining SAP SD using Liquid UI


A multinational sports goods manufacturer is the wholly owned subordinate company of one of the most esteemed sports brand. Their business focus is plastics manufacturing for different athletic and sports companies. It supplies the airbags for a number of applications, the majority of which being the air bubble soles for sports shoes.


  • Performance of the personnel hindered
    • Cause: Personnel received order details in an email or in the form of attached files from various factories. Furthermore, if the order details were modified or if the order was canceled, confusion occurred as personnel had to go back and reflect the changes in SAP GUI.
    • Effect: Planners missed a detail or two from the order and extra time was consumed to alter the details of the order. Also, reverting back to the order details in case of a mismatch became troublesome which caused delays in delivering the order.
  • Analyzing the order details with extra logic and rules became tedious and laborious
    • Cause: Planners reviewed order details with added logic and regulations which made it difficult to train planners to validate every situation.
    • Effect: Training of planners became costly and time-consuming. In addition to this, the possibility of a risk arose provided the planner was not familiar with the situation.
  • Manually copying data into SAP GUI increased the error risk
    • Cause: Planners manually copied all the data from the email on SAP GUI with the correct format which made the process gradual and prone to errors.
    • Effect: Potential human error of duplicating the wrong content like address, date, item, and quantity led to wrong processing of the order. This resulted in extra expense and forced factories to place the order again.
  • Additional validation of data became necessary
    • Cause: Orders were processed incorrectly because of the likelihood of it containing inaccurate data. Planners needed to review the detail in SAP GUI, made necessary changes and then saved the sales order.
    • Effect: Instant data check at the time of factories placing the order was not present which made it hard to track for the planner when data showed incorrect facts after getting entered in SAP. This made the planners go back to the order and reprocess it.


  • Process is automated leaving little scope for errors
  • On submission of the order, data is pulled from the Excel file and get uploaded to the VA01 transaction, which decreases the probability of human errors caused by copying the details manually.
  • The procedure becomes more systematic
  • Liquid UI for Excel revamp the whole gamut of sales order processing. Now, planners can upload data from Excel to SAP directly with just a click of a button. This made the process quicker and productive.
  • Processing orders with ease
  • Managing the orders becomes effortless as the probability of errors become negligible. Prospects of factories canceling the order and creating new ones with modifications almost diminished.
  • Improved reliability of data
  • Liquid UI for Excel made the task self-regulating which increased the accuracy of the data as personnel did not require to validate the details and inputs after receiving the data. Moreover, repeated confirmation with factories was not needed which saved time and money.


  • Training of planners becomes structured as the process is simplified into 3 steps of selecting, uploading the excel spreadsheet and completing.
  • Time is saved by 95% as it became a single click task to copy all data to the corresponding field in SAP GUI.
  • Chances of committing errors are reduced by 99% due to process automation.

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Liquid UI enables you to customize business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.


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