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Procter and Gamble simplified and automated the entire Walmart order processing activities using Liquid UI.


Procter and Gamble, headquartered in Ohio is a 180-year-old American consumer goods corporation. It mainly specializes in a wide range of household, personal care, and hygienic products. It is one of the largest and fastest growing consumer goods companies, which is creating products that continued to improve and make the lives of the consumers easy to this day.


  • Processing the orders changes became taxing as workers had to carry out each detail manually.
    • Cause: For processing the orders changed, users had to go to the ZVOMH and ZVOML transactions, search for matched orders and perform the RDD and quantity changes.
    • Effect: The workers had to administer the changes manually and further amend loads of shipments to Walmart, which made the procedure laborious.
  • Absence of an automatic approach made management of orders and transportation arduous.
    • Cause: Personnel had to review orders considering different variants for different purposes manually. The return order changes were received via email where users had to manually update details like deducing material, releasing the order and creating return order. In addition to this, they had to recalculate the price for all valid sales orders, search for matched shipments and keep a check on the load for each one individually which made the task exasperating.
    • Effect: Reviewing, returning, releasing and repricing of orders was difficult as the workers had to update every detail manually.
  • Researching, preparing reports and revising the information was inconvenient.
    • Cause: The failed and current IDoc information was not readily available. Also, the users had to manually generate reports containing records for matching pricing detail, cut detail, rounding detail, blocked detail, and return detail. In addition to this, any discrepancy in the sales order and display material had to be manually rectified by reviewing the data across multiple screens and tabs.
    • Effect: Assessment of failed IDoc data and preparing reports was a limitation to the procedure as it took more time than required to accomplish the task.
  • Manually transferring information to/from the database made the process strenuous and impractical.
    • Cause: The organization had to set up an individual database only to cache extra information from Walmart on processing return merchandise. Besides this, an extra server processed that information and sent the necessary detail to each user in an e-mail. Furthermore, personnel also required transferring the e-mail content to SAP manually.
    • Effect: Task of checking information from email and copying information to SAP for all records was laborious. Many times, data was incorrectly processed from email to SAP.
  • Maintenance of the VB scripts and Excel spreadsheets entailed extra effort and time.
    • Cause: An additional VB scripts and Excel spreadsheets were created to help the user to transfer data from e-mail to SAP. Also, keeping information in the excel files updated along with maintaining different excel template versions required extra effort.
    • Effect: The data was at a probable risk in situations in which data or template was not updated accurately and on time.


  • Liquid UI for SAP GUI simplified and automated the entire scale of Procter and Gamble day-to-day order processing activities for Walmart.
  • Liquid UI provided a dashboard view, which saves time as users now do not need to remember different t-codes and corresponding processes.
  • Liquid UI self-regulated all P&G processes by replacing manual computation and by auto-populating specific fields with default information. For instance, ZVTLOB, ZVOML, ZV25, and ZPRC, auto processes and matches all records in the background with few clicks.
  • Furthermore, streamlined WE02, VA02, and MM03 transactions efficiently provide all the information on one screen, making it easy for users to find information.
  • Now, the users can view information from the extra database inside SAP. Any changes made are reflected back to the database thereby removing any manually copying and pasting of data.
  • With Liquid UI, P&G users can cut or release multiple material numbers at a time. Also, they can now copy the material list and sales order list from the email to SAP in a single instance.
  • The failed and current IDoc report is now readily available to the users. Also, added validation for checking shipping limitation.
  • Any order changes are directly copied from the email into SAP in a single instance. Furthermore, all the repricing for a sales order is auto calculated.


  • The activity becomes easier as Dashboard view provided better navigation functionality.
  • Reference to the supplementary details is pain-free as information is adjusted on the target SAP screen.
  • Selecting variants of various result layouts is effortless as processes are automatically implemented with few clicks.
  • Automated data entry saves 40% of users´ time.
  • Provided holistic view for integrating external database and Google Maps thereby everything is access via SAP.

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Liquid UI drives your workforce by providing instant mobile access, without the need to redevelop z* transactions or recreate them in Fiori. With Liquid UI, you can also customize transaction screens on iOS / Android as per your business needs.


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