Liquid UI Office

Move Data From Excel and PDF Forms to SAP

Built on Liquid UI Platform, Liquid UI Office is fully integrated with Adobe Acrobat, as well as Microsoft's core office applications. Liquid UI Office enables you to perform all data manipulation in Excel, utilize Excel's formulas and macros to perform the computations needed, and then upload the data to SAP with a single button click. With Liquid UI Office you can also input multiple transactions (financial, sales, etc.) into SAP using a PDF form.

Additional Liquid UI Office functionality is provided by Liquid UI Workbench, which allows you to record, edit, and construct SAP transactions, as well as enter, change, and extract bulk data from SAP using Excel.

Office Features

Liquid UI Office enables SAP users to utilize Microsoft Excel and other Office applications for automating data entry and editing in SAP. The following functions are currently enabled with Liquid UI Office:

Future extensions are planned, including a screen recorder for recording transactions and mapping the fields recorded to Excel columns. Future releases will also include F4 search help for Excel fields, PDF form creation and the creation of web scripts from a recorded transaction.


Liquid UI Office is built on the Liquid UI Platform and utilizes the same industry-standard web scripting as do all other elements of the platform. Fully integrated with Adobe's Acrobat application as well as Microsoft Office (particularly Excel), Liquid UI Office utilizes Active X technology to automate these applications.


Liquid UI Office enables users to use the power and familiar interface of Microsoft Office for SAP input and extraction. These transactions can be deployed along with all current Liquid UI scripts to a variety of platforms. The beauty of Liquid UI is that a single development can be deployed to multiple platforms - Desktop, Mobile, Web or Offline.