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Make every employee smarter and more productive.

Discover Offline and see how Liquid UI´s functionality helps you to put the knowledge of day-to-day operations at everyone´s fingertips, unleashing productivity with or without a connection to SAP.

Work smarter with or without connection to SAP.

Help your team unlock the power of SAP, no matter where they’re working. Liquid UI Offline not only improves your UX but it also helps your business grow by enabling your users to create or edit work orders, view work order details, see historical order data, manage notifications and more – in offline mode.


Implement more value to your SAP solution.

Drive overall productivity and satisfaction with a technology that empowers your users to continue to work without connectivity to SAP. The data collected outside of a network connection gets stored on the device, and later it is uploaded to an SAP system when access to a network becomes available.


Engage your employees with similar SAP UI across online and offline mode.

Rapidly build Liquid UI-powered role-based dashboards that automate SAP business processes and give every employee a view that facilitates better decision-making. From PM to WM to MM, and more, all these with an UI that matches how your employees work thus minimizing any learning curve.


Transform IT with SAP native technology.

What happens when you don't have to worry about infrastructure? You focus on bringing your business growth plans to life: the thing that matters most. Liquid UI Offline solution plugs right into your SAP minus technology hiccups. Moreover, because it's native, it has the same speed and security you already enjoy.


Tap into an unparalleled programming model.

No need to create yet another codebase using different development tools. Liquid UI lets you easily customize and streamline your SAP processes for offline use by harnessing the power of a JavaScript based development methodology. Later, offline data gets uploaded to an SAP system when access to a network becomes available.


Get SAP functionality you need to make better decisions.

With Liquid UI, you can mimic actions like F4 lookup and more for offline users. This is done by downloading the static data from the SAP system. Furthermore, it allows long text management for storing more comprehensible data like detailed explanations for inquiries or orders. Also, it enables a drill down selection for easy navigation while selecting catalog or determining functional location.


Deliver the SAP UX capability that your users deserve.

Liquid UI enables users to sort, resize, and move table columns while saving their settings in offline mode for an enhanced view. The users can also integrate external documents allowing them to open any document that resides on their local machine via a link for offline use.


Take offline devices further with smarter and efficient synchronization.

Work done outside of the network like creating or editing work orders is later uploaded to your SAP system when access to the network becomes available.


Take a closer look at Liquid UI Offline.

Request a personalized demo to get a hands-on look at Liquid UI Offline. You’ll see how easy it is to create, deploy, and manage an offline solution that increases your revenue and maximizes your productivity.