GuiXT Offline Solution

GuiXT Offline: SAP In the Field... With or Without Network Connectivity.

The GuiXT Offline Solution Suite provides flexibility in the field to use SAP functionality in a simplified form with or without network connectivity. Data collected outside of a network connection can be stored on just about any device (Laptops, PDA's, Pocket PC's, and Handheld Devices) and then uploaded to an organization's SAP system when access to a network becomes available.

Offline Product

Video Key Points

  • Flexibility In the Field GuiXT Offline enables SAP users, especially those in a mobile workforce, to access their SAP transactions wherever and whenever they need—on or off the network—to complete a task.
  • Efficient SynchronizationThis solution is designed to run in an intermittently connected mode that allows users to work Offline via their mobile device—where data is stored—allowing the user to synchronize efficiently with the SAP database when a connection is achieved.
  • Work Offline, Synchronize LaterGuiXT Offline enables you to work Offline, while providing the capability to synchronize with the SAP database later.