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Offline Desktop Case Studies


About Lufkin

  • Lufkin is leading oilfield manufacturer.
  • The Power Transmission Division makes precision-made gears in weights from 300 pounds to 250 tons and in power levels from 20 to 85,000 horsepower.
  • Provides 24 hour emergency service to ensure minimum downtime in a customer's operations.

Business Case:

  • Plant users use to write the issues as they find any in the plant in no connectivity region
  • Work Orders were created in the office in connectivity region
  • These work orders are then sent to the technician to get the work done.
  • Work orders contains the operations to be performed, which might come from more than one notification and also the estimated components required listed on the transaction.
  • Once the work is started, time confirmation is done against each operation. The goods required are issue again if not listed on the work order previously.
  • Upon completion of the work, time confirmation is completed and goods issue is finalized.

Problem Statement:

  • Manual work because of no connectivity in plant writing issues on a piece of paper
  • Creating Work Orders, Confirming time and issuing goods for these issues or based upon existing notifications in the connectivity region
  • Time consumption, leading to a low productivity rate

Synactive´s Approach - Recommendations:

  • GuiXT Offline solution was created to reduce manual efforts.
  • Created Offline screens which looks exactly like SAP screens.
  • User can create/change work orders, confirm time, issue goods as soon as they come across any issues in the plant with no connectivity.
  • On single click Upload button, user can upload all created/changed work orders with error/success message.
  • Ultimately reduces time.

How to get started?

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