Give sales reps the ability to monitor and analyze historical materials data with the Liquid UI Materials Management Decision Making Console (DMC).

Material costs can account for 20-30% of total maintenance costs. And managing parts movement through an enterprise -- as well as deciding which parts to place where and when -- can dramatically affect stock levels. But managing inventory and materials with good spares provisioning is a complex problem.

With DMC, an enterprise can save several million dollars by improving inventory management and reducing stock. In addition, tracking the reliability data and maintenance records for components can improve claims against warranty contracts.

DMC provides fast answers to daily questions: How many sales orders are associated with a material? How many purchase orders include this material? How many customer quotes have been provided for this material? Plus, the business activities keep a record of any interactions associated with this material.

  • View historical data associated with a material to empower sales teams with the right information to make faster and better decisions from a single screen.
  • Easily perform common tasks, such as creating a quote, from one screen, instead of navigating through multiple SAP screens and tabs.
  • Find alternate parts through third-party partners.
Implementing Materials Management Decision Making Console (DMC)

Learn more about how Synactive can include DMC as part of a full-featured Optimization Package that includes product, services, and support.

MM Console - Material Lookup Screen MM Console - Material Details on Web Screen MM Console - Material Details on iOS Screen MM Console - Material Details on Android Screen

Companies can also implement DMC in-house with Synactive's WS Developer Kit. And because Liquid UI technology is built into SAP, you can download and try Designer today!

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Challenges Faced By Organizations Using SAP MATERIALS MANAGEMENT DMC...
  • Faster and more efficient service
  • Better first-time fix
  • Increasing parts and carrying costs
  • Need to improve warranty costs

Benefits Of Deploying Liquid UI MATERIALS MANAGEMENT DMC...
  • Better customer satisfaction with visibility into all aspects of a material
  • Competitive advantages that come from increased operational efficiency
  • Ability to provide customers with the exact parts they require, quickly and easily
  • Maintain business relationships with the ability to analyze large amounts of data and respond to requests quickly
  • Real-time information about restricted and unrestricted stock
  • Users with the ability to customize screens
  • Shortcuts to customer information, vendor RFQ, and quotes

Package Includes...
  • Development tools for duration of implementation
  • Project management
  • Discovery / requirements collection
  • Development / optimization of transactions
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • Go-Live support
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge transfer