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BD Biosciences Saves 80% of Process Time and Improves 95% of Data Accuracy by Optimizing SAP QM using Liquid UI


BD Biosciences founded in 1897 with a perception to improve outcomes for patients and hold true to that vision for more than a century, has now branched out into diagnostics, biosciences and a vast range of medical devices and instrument systems.


  • Data is validated manually
    • Cause: Demonstrating and verifying the data with a non-automatic procedure made it susceptible to errors in different transactions. The users needed to manually calculate stock details from the MB51 transaction and a number of complaints from the QM14 transaction.
    • Effect: Inaccurate facts and figures culminated from inappropriate output produced from the transactions.
  • Lack of integration to external programs
    • Cause: The personnel went through unnecessary steps and redundant processes which led to a prolonged process. For instance, details were manually copied to the MS Excel for processing complaints and to the MS Word for closing complaints.
    • Effect: Efficiency lowered as performing the task was complicated and tricky.
  • Complicated SAP user interfaces
    • Cause: Multiple screens, various fields, and several choices in drop-down lists made SAP data entry tedious. It involved a series of steps like copy data from CRM, add a long text description, release/save notification, calculate details, update Excel spreadsheet, just for opening a complaint.
    • Effect: Impeded performance that made it slow for personnel to execute tasks.
  • Long and arduous process which restrains productivity
    • Cause: The whole process of opening, processing, and closing a complaint took about 30-40 mins or sometimes, even more, depending on the nature of the complaint.
    • Effect: Productivity lagged as it took more time to complete the procedure as expected.


  • Liquid UI for SAP GUI provides auto data validation with which inputs can be checked before executing them, thus saving time and reducing the chances of errors.
  • Liquid UI enables one-time entry for the user to enter the data only once across different transactions which makes it less laborious.
  • Liquid UI makes it efficient by offering automatic solutions which saves 85% time for processing each complaint and improves the time taken to address it.
  • Liquid UI fortifies the process by reducing the number of clicks by approximately 70%.
  • The Liquid UI tool permits the designer to abridge the process by integrating multiple screens into one, eliminating unwanted fields, using default values for specific fields, curbing the choices in drop-down lists, and performing the calculations.


  • Integrated and streamlined measures to process the complaints by creating simplified SAP user interfaces.
  • 80% of the time is saved because a large number of complaints are addressed in a stipulated portion of time because of the absence repetitive data entries.
  • Processes become effective as the task of addressing the complaint is automated.
  • 95% of human error is decreased as accuracy and security of the data is amplified.

Next Steps

Liquid UI enables you to customize business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.


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