Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.3.3 Mobile Printing


To print the SAP transaction pages of your Liquid UI App in Android device.


Printer configurations on Liquid UI App.

Configuring WLAN Mobile Printing

  1. To configure mobile printing via wireless networks on Liquid UI App, please do the following. Click on the Settings icon in your android mobile. In the Settings screen, select Bluetooth.
  2. Check the Bluetooth connection and make sure it is turned on. Then connect to your preferred network. Once the connection succeeds, then the network will appear in blue color as shown below:
  3. Close the Settings screen and launch Liquid UI.
  4. You will find the following options. Click on Home Screen.
  5. you will be navigated to the Server Connections screen. Then click the information icon. User can see the following options available. Select App Settings option.
  6. Select the Default Printer.
  7. An alert box will pop-up for searching the available Bluetooth printing options. Select YES to continue printing.
  8. You will find the list of bluetooth printers. Select any printer from default printer options to take print.