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GuiXT Solution Suite

GuiXT can simplify all modules in SAP, from Plant Maintenance to Sales and Distribution to Materials Management whether for desktop use or for users out in the field online or offline with handhelds, iPads, smart phones and Toughbooks. We have enabled domestic and global Utility customers to optimize their functions by streamlining processes in SAP to make it more intuitive. Drastic improvements in user compliance, data quality, and faster process completion time all translate to more efficient processes for regulatory compliance, maintenance, and customer service.

From electric utility companies to natural gas distributors, utilities customers have improved their customer service efficiency with precise, quick detail, while meeting the rigorous demands from regulatory agencies with accurate data and reporting. For instance with NorthWestern Energy, the time to create a notification transaction and embed the create customer transaction decreased from seven and a half minutes to just four, and from 21 screens to four. Donnell Kutchyn at NorthWestern Energy states, "With GuiXT it was easier to navigate between transactions and to correct mistakes...users keep asking for MORE, and can we do this or that with GuiXT."

California Water Supply Agency: Entire project deployed in less than 5 months.

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Natural Gas Holding Company: Reduced errors by 80% and time by 60%!

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Virginia´s Largest Water Utility: Over 90,000 annual paper work orders eliminated.

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