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Liquid UI lets you customize your SAP right within SAP GUI to achieve your grandest goals.

Liquid UI Inplace Edit enables you to customize your SAP with few clicks – without coding. If you need to go beyond clicks, you can also use out-of-box script editor. Every customized scripts can be easily extended to the mobile devices including iOS and Android.

Build upon SAP faster.

With Inplace Edit, create powerful SAP customizations with clicks without writing a line of code – everything from SAP GUI.


Create apps and components with code.

Go beyond clicks, create cross-platform components or build entirely new user interfaces as per your unique needs using Inplace Edit´s script editor within SAP GUI.

Liquid UI Inplace Edit in Action - Streamlined SD order type for better responsiveness
Liquid UI Inplace Edit in Action - Reformulated SD first screen for improved usability

Automate ERP business process, fast.

Liquid UI makes it easy to transform complex ERP processes (like VA01 or MIGO) into streamlined, customized, error free UX. Drive productivity for crucial part of your business with Inplace Edit´s point-and-click workflow and process tools.


Make every script mobile.

With Liquid UI, every script your users create can be instantly extended to mobile. No need to create yet another codebase using different development tools. Just configure your app to connect to SAP and push it live.


Make changes at runtime.

Revolutionize your development environment by giving your developers ability to customize your SAP screens directly in SAP GUI.


Generate a script for the relevant transaction.

Inside the Liquid UI script folder, each customized transaction / screen is represented by separate files and can be managed independently without affecting other files.

Liquid UI Inplace Edit in Action - Record your SAP process flow for speedy outcome

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