Purchase Order Release App

Quick Approvals with Purchase Order Release App for SAP ERP in a MOBILE environment

Take one of the most useful mobile apps for executives on the go, and deliver it on a powerful platform that connects directly to SAP ERP. Boost overall productivity with the Purchase Order Release app which is designed to help managers approve purchase orders, including generation of a purchase order considering different levels of authorizations.

Managers can immediately approve or reject requests, attaching notes regarding reasons for their decision. Through patented connectivity technology to SAP, native SAP authorization is used for the user logged into SAP ERP. In addition, any change in the users´ release authorization or release strategy is immediately reflected in the mobile application.

Features and Benefits

  • All necessary information is consolidated to release a purchase order
  • Easy to use for any type of casual user to approve or deny a purchase order with text box for reason
  • Elimination of complex fields, tabs and screens improves master data quality with less errors
  • Just use your SAP logon; no additional security layer required
  • Search purchase orders
  • Release single purchase order (with multiple items)
Purchase Order Release App Home Screen Purchase Order Release Search Criteria Screen Purchase Order Release Code List Purchase Order Release Details Screen


  • TCODES: ME29N, ME28, ME23N
  • Deploys to your mobile device in as little as 1 day.
  • No changes to your SAP system.
  • If using standard process

Package Includes

  • WebScript and image files for customized UI on your existing SAP transaction
  • Documentation - User Guide, Deployment Guide and Technical Documentation for Developers