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Intradeco Automates SAP MM and Saves 80% of Processing Time with Liquid UI for Excel


Intradeco provides a holistic approach to apparel manufacturing, encompassing all stages: from ideation phase to final product distribution. It has grown into a global vertical manufacturing company with customers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.


  • Improve operational efficiency
    • Cause: Personnel had to navigate through multiple SAP transactions to create a purchase order for new material, which involved generating material orders, bill of materials, goods receipts, and invoices.
    • Effect: There were drops in employee performance and productivity.
  • Cumbersome creation of material order
    • Cause: Users had to create one material at a time inside the SAP GUI and perform the same transaction multiple times a day.
    • Effect: This resulted in poor data quality and excessive software training.
  • Error-prone data entries
    • Cause: Hard to guarantee info records check, pricing conditions check, and material quantity checks for every order.
    • Effect: Potential risk of becoming a significant expense if the user missed value validation.


  • Liquid UI for Excel simplified and automated their day-to-day material creation activities reducing the processing time from hours to a few minutes.
  • It brought the whole SAP screen-by-screen manual data entry process into one excel sheet while also reducing the total number of steps involved.
  • After Excel integration, Intradeco’s users just imports Liquid UI’s Excel template into SAP, and they are no longer entering data directly into SAP.
  • Users can now create multiple material orders at the same time rather than having to create one material at a time.
  • Liquid UI added data validations check, which returns data issues as inline errors indicated by different color options. The errors correction can be made directly in Excel.
  • Also, Liquid UI automated additional processes of generating bill of material (CS01), info record (ME11, VD51), pricing condition (VK11) which happens in the background without any user interaction.


  • Saved 80% of processing time by enabling the creation of multiple material orders at the same time.
  • Automated data entry process for generating bill of materials, goods receipts, invoices and more.
  • Improved accuracy of data being entered into SAP system through validation checks.
  • Maximized ROI on SAP ERP.

Next Steps

Liquid UI enables you to customize business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.


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