City of Tacoma's Experience with GuiXT
Sandi Wentworth
City of Tacoma

City of Tacoma utilizes GuiXT to streamline many permitting processes. This has reduced the number of steps the users do by half! They now have a way to create service orders that defaults in much information bypermit type, as well as settlement rules, operations, runs enhancements, aids with reporting, confirmations and extremely simplifies the process of entering additional operations to track the many activities that occur citywide. They also have a way to copy existing service order information into new service orders for multi-site developments. Using GuiXT to reduce the steps also prevented a group from going back to a legacy system.

Video Key Points

  • Utilizing GuiXT to streamline processes.
  • Making the end users very happy.
  • Continuing and bettering the City of Tacoma's SAP usage.