Interactive Equipment Catalogs, DMS & Inventory Management
Dan Stuebe & David Foley
Philip Morris

In this session Dan and David provided examples of how efficiencies were realized through integration of equipment catalogs in the Document Management System with material and equipment BOM's in SAP PM. One of their challenges was to provide a solution to technicians so they can find the right part at first time, every time, and in less time.

Watch this video of Dan and David to learn how they were able to enhance their shop floor usability and acceptance by making improvements in their SAP PM process.

Video Key Points

  • Workforce's usability significantly increased as well as giving more room for the technician's workspace
  • MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) decreased; Spent less time searching for parts
  • Document Management: Links to equipment eliminate manual distribution and automatic material changes incorporated
  • Inventory Control became more efficient; BOM, I-Base and Construction Type analysis