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Canada Post Leverages Synactive GuiXT Solution to Improve SAP R/3 Usability and Optimize HR Appraisal Process

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 10, 2005--Synactive, a leading developer of customizing and simplification solutions for SAP R/3® (NYSE:SAP - News), today announced that Canada Post has successfully deployed Synactive's GuiXT product as the standard for their HR appraisal process. Canada Post, the official postal administration for Canada, cited reduced training time, better user compliance and ease of use as primary factors in its decision.

With over 65,000 SAP users, Canada Post was facing several issues with their existing employee appraisal process. Last June, users were often confused and implementing inaccurate or incomplete information, or using the wrong appraisal model. Additionally, roughly 70% of the missing appraisals were due to user challenges -- complexity and number of steps. Some of the most reoccurring issues dealt with attaching documents, incorrect status, or hitting submit button before complete. Using GuiXT, Canada Post expects to remove all these barriers and reduce the error rate by 95%.

Canada Post cited that using GuiXT increases productivity and user satisfaction by simplifying the screens and streamlining the R/3 processes. Through GuiXT, Canada Post can reduce training costs and eliminate the usability barrier between the users and the SAP business processes.

Canada Post will benefit in the following areas from the use of GuiXT:

Training -- Canada Post spends 18 hours per people manager on training. Amount of time needed to train each individual after GuiXT implementation will be reduced to 2 hours. This will amount to a total of 32,000 hours reduction in training time for 2000 people managers (88% reduced training time).

Data Efficiency/Productivity -- Number of keystrokes and time taken to complete an appraisal will be reduced by 68% and 70%, respectively. Currently, it takes 104 keystrokes and 50 minutes to complete the entire appraisal process. With GuiXT, these numbers will be reduced to 33 keystrokes and 15 minutes.

Reduced Support Calls -- 33% of support calls received by the help-desk are related to issues with users not understanding the t-code. With GuiXT, Canada Post will simplify the process and add on-screen instructions, reducing t-code related support calls by 88%.

Reduced Error Rate -- Most of the errors are education related. By removing all barriers and simplifying the process, Canada Post expect error rate to reduce by 95% (leaving 5% for security access problems).

"There was an analysis conducted in Toronto this year following HR reports on 'missing' appraisals. Results indicated that 50% of the missing appraisals were education related for team leaders who were still 'growing' with the system," observed Aaron Nichols, General Manager, SAP Centre of Excellence, Canada Post. "GuiXT would enable us to simplify appraisal data entry, eliminate 'extra clicking,' and decrease the error rate. We selected GuiXT not only because of its capabilities but also Synactive's consultative sales approach and their professional service group's ability to implement the solution according to our requirements."

"We're pleased to offer Canada Post a solution that will allow them to simplify their HR appraisal process, reduce training requirements, increase productivity, and eliminate errors. The success of this project should see Canada Post extending the use of GuiXT software to other areas within their business, and having them serve as a valuable reference customer for Synactive," said Thomas Ewe, Synactive CEO.

About Canada Post

Canada Post delivers 37 million pieces of mail each day to more than 31 million Canadians located at almost 14 million addresses and over one million Canadian businesses from coast to coast. Its more than 65,000 people and 7,000 postal outlets -- the largest retail network in Canada -- have been a trusted presence in communities across the country for more than 150 years. As a world leader in providing innovative physical and electronic delivery solutions, Canada Post connects Canadians from anywhere... to anyone. Website: www.canadapost.ca.

About Synactive, Inc.

Synactive has been setting the standard in end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP R/3 applications since 1998. As a member of the SAP Complementary Software Program, GuiXT software comes bundled with all SAPGUI installations -- 4.6b and above. Synactive develops its components in close cooperation with SAP and is included within the greater SAP's vision of mySAP, and mySAP ERP.

Synactive is a privately held software company headquartered in Foster City, CA, with a sister company based in Germany. Synactive has established key customer alliances with leading corporations in the Automotive, Discrete Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Aerospace, High Tech, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical industries across the world. Additional information about Synactive is available at www.synactive.net.

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