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SAP Service Management

In today's work environment of do more with less, field service engineers are now required to make more informed and timely decisions. The result, however, can be diminished customer satisfaction if even the slightest delays occur.

Built on GuiXT technology, the process can be extended to iOS, Android, Mobile Scanning devices, HTML5 browsers or SAP GUI. Designed to accelerate the simplification and usability of most SAP transactions, this package include best practices, services, development tools, project management, unit testing, go live support, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

Service Management Processes Optimized...
  • IW31 Create Order
  • IW32 Change Order
  • IW33 Display Order
  • IW51 Create Service Notification
  • IW52 Change Service Notification
  • IW53 Display Service Notification
  • IW42 Completion Confirmation
SAP Service Management Dashboard - Orca Liquid UI Service Management Screen

Challenges Faced By Organizations Using SAP Service Management...
  • Confusing and cluttered user interfaces cause delays
  • High customer expectations and demand for service
  • Poor data quality often results in dispatching unnecessary field service, additional fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and unused inventory
  • Negative impact on sales revenue caused by complex processes

Benefits Of Deploying Liquid UI...
  • Simplified launch pad: single screen with quick links to different transactions that users process
  • Optimized notifications/work orders: customized process screens display only the fields users need
  • Requires one click: confirm time, complete transaction, and close order

Package Includes...
  • Discovery and Requirements Gathering
  • Project Management
  • Development tools for the duration of the implementation
  • All code reusable on any touchpoint
  • Unit Testing
  • Debugging
  • Documentation
  • Installation and Deployment

Optional Add-ons...
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Go-live support
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Additional Requirements...
  • Relevant SAP module
  • Synactive end user licenses
  • Associated executed license and service agreements

  • On site training for up to 10 resources
  • Remote development assistance