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In today´s highly volatile economic environment, maintenance organizations in manufacturing facilitates face a dual challenge. Difficult economic conditions have put significant pressure on operating budgets, resulting in cancelled or delayed equipment purchases. Consequently, the vitality and ongoing efficiency of existing equipment has become increasingly important, demanding more effective maintenance to sustain these aging assets. At the same time, maintenance expense is seen as especially vulnerable to costs cutting.

The result is that plant expenses and capital investment proposals now face greater competition and scrutiny from CFOs. In addition, without a mobile solution, valuable time and resources are wasted writing down the information and inputting the data at a later time—twice the work.

Designed to accelerate the simplification and usability of most SAP transactions, this package include best practices, services, development tools, project management, unit testing, go live support, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

Mobile Plant Maintenance Processes Optimized...
  • IW21 Create PM Notification
  • IW22 Change PM Notification
  • IW31 Create Work Order
  • IW32 Change Work Order
  • IW41 Enter PM Order Confirmation OR
  • IW42 Collective Confirmation

Challenges Faced By Organizations Using SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance...
  • Complex transaction screens result in error-prone data, resulting in unplanned downtime, increased manufacturing costs, and poor operational performance
  • Too many screens are a struggle for maintenance workers, causing delays or non-compliance, and risking equipment downtime
  • Too much time spent by workers on computers inputting data into SAP screens, instead of out in the field or warehouse reporting and fixing issues
Plant Maintenance Mobile on Liquid UI for iOS Plant Maintenance Mobile on Liquid UI for Android PM Console - Planner Details iOS Screen PM Console - Scheduler Details Android Screen

Benefits Of Deploying Liquid UI...
  • Create notifications and work orders where breakdowns occur
  • View details of orders, perform work, and confirm time on mobile device-eliminating the paper trail
  • Issue components when needed

Package Includes...
  • Implementation Services
  • Development tools for duration of implementation
  • Project management
  • Discovery / requirements collection
  • Development / optimization of transactions
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • Go-Live support
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge transfer

Additional Requirements...
  • SAP Plant Maintenance module
  • Synactive end user licenses
  • Associated executed license and service agreements

  • On site training for up to 10 resources
  • Remote development assistance


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