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Explore Liquid UI applications and proficiency for plant maintenance

Hugely powerful. Enormously efficient.

Our efficient plant maintenance add-on provides simplification of SAP PM for work order management, notification, time entry and other PM related tasks. We improve upon performance, usability and productivity by optimizing your PM transactions resulting in less numbers of clicks, fields, and screens in turns saving time. For instance, by optimizing IW21, IW31 and IH01 transactions for create work order, you can save 28 clicks, 21 fields, 8 screens and 2 minutes. With such optimizations through Liquid UI, you can have an easy to use interface, minimize data entry errors, get rid of redundant processes, increase maintenance personnel productivity and efficiency and more.


Software that works for you

Simple management. Unlimited potential

Aggregates important KPIs from standard SAP PM into a simplified maintenance dashboard making it easy to use and managing all your PM processes from one place. Furthermore, optimized your dashboard for different roles to facilitate your PM personnel to get an accurate understanding of your PM process. We supports complete simplification of existing PM and enhanced it with handling work orders within your plant or between different plants, scanning barcode for populating data with a single click, performing PM related tasks right from the dashboard including create work orders, change work orders, print work orders, confirm work orders, list work orders and more, based on your unique needs for complete plant maintenance control.

Simple, smart logic and workflows

Create extreme productive UI by combining multiple screens, tabs and transactions. Enhance it further by rearranging ERP tabs and fields. Make it intuitive by adding input fields validation or even hiding unused fields to match your company's internal processes. For instance, enable maintenance personnel to create, save and release work order or notification from one place by creating a customized screen to aggregate IW21, IW31 and IH01 transactions. Also depending on the scenarios you can create custom behavior like setting "priority" base on "activity type" or making "downtime end" fields mandatory if "operational downtime" checked. The plant maintenance add-on provides a complete optimization of existing SAP PM tailored towards your requirements and business logic.

Slice, dice and streamline your user interface

Whether it is streamlining maintenance processes or customizing PM processes or developing simplified PM screens when it comes to optimizing your SAP PM, we have the experience in supporting hundreds of PM customers like you. Ensure your PM operational integrity by eliminating issues caused by unplanned plant shutdown when your users get confused with the multiple screens to process a transaction, quality defects, operator data entry errors, redundant processes when your users have to enter the same information over and over, untrained personnel or non-compliance procedure.

Liquid UI delivers precisely that solution

Under the hood

A properly optimized plant maintenance system can help enterprises reduce operational costs, increase productivity, boost personnel morale, better software adaptability, improve accuracy and efficiency run operations. However a failed or troubled implementation can end up personnel not using software, work orders not getting close or too many left opened, unhappy users in turns costing a company valuable money and time. To succeed, today´s company need a solution that´s capability-rich, adaptive, interoperable with other systems, intuitive, easy to use, effective, and cost-efficient. Liquid UI delivers precisely that solution. Liquid UI provide your PM workforce an easy to use tool customizable to your SAP PM needs quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Application Insights

Liquid UI lets you mobilize your plant maintenance personnel on your hardened Windows Mobile, iOS or Android device. It enhances your PM team with flexibility to handle transactions anywhere in plant. Liquid UI is the only solution that provides direct connection between your mobile device and SAP just like your SAP GUI enabling fastest performance between your SAP and device. Using Liquid UI, you can leverage power of SAP in field with or without network connectivity, build your script once and deploy it to multiple touch-points, simplified your SAP without touching the SAP backend, access your SAP without adding html or web stack, get a positive return on investment within months of SAP PM deployment.

Supercharge the plant maintenance process with Liquid UI Services and Support

Get the expert help and unique insights you need to go further. Our consultants have unparalleled SAP domain knowledge across different industries. We are here to assist you, whether you need services, training, technical support, deployment, on-site or remote help.

Got a question about SAP ERP customization and deployment? Need help on getting started with SAP? Give us a call. Our highly trained staff is standing by at all times, ready to support you in your SAP journey

  • TCODES: IE01, IE02, IE03, IH01, IH08, IL01, IL02, IL03, IW21, IW22, IW23, IW28, IW31, IW32, IW33, IW38, IW41, IW42, IW44, IW49, IW51, IW52, IR02, IR03, MI03, QM10
  • Package Includes: Discovery and Requirements Gathering, Project Management, Development tools for the duration of the implementation, All code reusable on any touchpoint, Unit Testing, Debugging, Documentation and Installation and Deployment
  • Optional Add-ons: Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing, Go-live support and Training and Knowledge Transfer

See what customers are saying

"We wouldn´t be live on SAP if it weren´t for GuiXT!"
Bill Immer, VP Information Systems
"We were able to complete our development in a week. It would have taken months using conventional methods. "
Bill Grimwood, SAP Project Manager
"Shop Floor transactions are as easy to use as an ATM"
Steve Foster, Director of Total Production Maintenance
"Why chose GuiXT: SAP has a user interface that is too complicated: 'a user interface only a mother could love'"
Don Chamberlain, IT Manager

AstraZeneca cuts processing time by 50% by automating and mobilizing SAP PM


  • Laborious and error-prone data entry
  • Inconsistent plant maintenance processes
  • No real-time work order updates
  • Time-consuming transferring paper note to SAP
SAP Transaction
  • IW21, IW22, IW23, IW31, IW32, IW33, IW38, IW37N, IW41, IW45, IW47
  • Liquid UI for SAP GUI
  • Liquid UI for iOS
  • Liquid UI Server
  • Reduced steps involved in PM transaction by 60%
  • Created dashboards for different roles
  • Saved processing time by 50%
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Boosted ROI on SAP ERP

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Marathon Oil leverages GuiXT for PM, MM, Planning and Scheduling Operations.


Using the GuiXT tools, Marathon Oil was able to reach its goal and when the initial rollout took place, it only took 30 minutes for the Lead Operators to learn to input notifications.

'With GuiXT, we were able to accumulate more data to create the reports we needed to meet our reliability goals'

-Jason Moore, Business Analyst, Marathon Oil

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Marathon Oil Logo

Tyson Foods saves over millions of dollars by streamlining their warranty process


The warranty process alone returned $4.3 million over the last 6 years
Over $75,000 savings in decommissioning the Vehicle Legacy System

'As long as the wheels are turning, the Fleets are making money for us. GuiXT and SAP ensured we were getting the proper maintenance on the proper equipment at the proper time which far exceeds any hard dollar savings we gained'

-Marcus Mullins, Tyson

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Tyson Foods Logo

Shell improves data entry process and accuracy of data


Improved operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks
Minimized the key strokes it took to complete various SAP transactions and functions
Improved the data entry process and accuracy of data

'If we had implemented GuiXT in 1998, it would have saved us millions in training'

-John LeBas, Logistics Manager, Shell

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Shell Logo

Rexam improves maintenance management system by 77%


Before GuiXT After GuiXT
Time taken to complete a process 3 minutes 40 seconds
Number of Screens 11 screens 4 screens

'Shop Floor transactions are as easy to use as an ATM'

-Steve Foster, Director of Total Production Maintenance, Rexam

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Rexam Logo

NorthWestern Energy cuts training time in half and boost productivity


Before GuiXT After GuiXT
Traning Days 2 days 1 day
Number of Screens 21 screens 4 screens

'With GuiXT it was easier to navigate between transactions and to correct mistakes...users keep asking for MORE, and can we do this or that with GuiXT.'

-Donnell Kuchtyn, NorthWestern Energy

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