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Give schedulers and planners the tools to organize and allocate work orders accurately and with confidence with the Liquid UI Plant Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Console (PSC).

Market pressures constantly drive manufacturers to improve asset performance and Return on Assets (ROA), as well as fulfill customer demand for higher quality and shorter lead times. Optimizing asset performance is the key to controlling costs (to please shareholders) and maintaining product quality (to please customers).

PSC reduces the time needed to prepare and clean work order-related data by providing an overview and work order drill-down capabilities in one easy-to-use interface. Plus, the access to real-time information helps planners and schedulers organize and maintain their backlogs.

Planners and schedulers can view, interpret and analyze large amounts of work-order data on a single screen, streamlining maintenance while reducing prep work. The PSC is the ideal solution to make data collection and decision-making faster and easier, improving efficiencies and ensuring more value from enterprise systems.

  • Enables visibility into work orders, allowing users to view, interpret, and analyze large amounts of work-order data on a single screen
  • Launchpad provides a custom layout of transaction shortcuts that help users quickly and easily navigate through the business process
  • Mass change, print, and check material available. Permits capabilities allow swift action on multiple work orders with a single click
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Implementing Plant Maintenance Planning And Scheduling Console (PSC)

Learn more about how Synactive can include PSC as part of a full-featured Optimization Package that includes product, services, and support.

Companies can also implement PSC in-house with Synactive's WS Developer Kit. And because Liquid UI technology is built into SAP, you can download and try Designer today!

Need more plant maintenance solutions? Explore Synactive's full range of Plant Maintenance Optimization Packages.

PLANT MAINTENANCE PSC Processes Optimized...
  • IW32 Change Order
  • IW37N Change Orders and Operations
  • IW38 Change Plant Maintenance Orders
  • IR02 Change Work Centre

Challenges Faced By Organizations Using SAP PLANT MAINTENANCE PSC...
  • Improve production equipment availability
  • Plant throughput
  • Customer demand for better quality and shorter lead times
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Regulatory compliance

Benefits Of Deploying Liquid UI PLANT MAINTENANCE PSC...
  • Makes common transactions accessible in a launchpad on the main screen
  • Segregates duties so users see only the information required for their roles
  • Provides a list count of all orders by priority and status
  • Allows filtering based on start and end times and dates, functional location, and/or work center
  • View individual work orders and jobs, with only the information important to the user on the main screen
  • Enables mass change with one click (e.g., change the status of multiple work orders)
  • Offers mass print capabilities
  • Includes full SAP PM integration

Package Includes...
  • Development tools for duration of implementation
  • Project management
  • Discovery / requirements collection
  • Development / optimization of transactions
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • Go-Live support
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge transfer


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