September 2013 :
Customize SAP Plant Management For Any Role [ Synactive Inc. ]


Speakers: Tony Holland, Solutions Consulting Manager, Synactive Inc. and DeeDee Kato, Director of Marketing, Synactive, Inc.

Description: Learn from actual customer implementations how to build your own streamlined application based on SAP Plant Maintenance. The Liquid UI Platform includes a powerful set of tools and runtime components to create simplified transactions for the desktop, which can also be deployed to our mobile touchpoints like iOS and Windows Mobile / CE Scanguns with NO additional changes required. Learn how the Liquid UI patented connectivity technology to SAP provides innovative 'record once, run everywhere' technology, without Java or ABAP programming. Synactive´s technical expert will walk you through how to create your own application including where to start, and best practices on development including sharing of code snippets from actual customer implementations
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