July 2013 :
Tyson Foods: Streamlining SAP Fleet Maintenance, PM and MM [ Tyson Foods ]


Speakers: Marcus Mullins, Sr. Resource Business Specialist, Tyson Foods and DeeDee Kato, Product Marketing Director, Synactive

Description: Learn how Tyson Foods streamlined their SAP Fleet Maintenance process using GuiXT. With over $1M in savings in just the warranty process alone, Tyson has expanded GuiXT usage for plant personnel using SAP Plant Maintenance and storeroom personnel using SAP Materials Management. They now have over 8,000 users using SAP transactions simplified with GuiXT and continue to deploy more as they acquire plants. Marcus Mullins, Sr. Resource Business Specialist at Tyson Foods, has covered Tysonás fleet maintenance process, SAP 'out-of-box' user experience, New business process with GuiXT, Return on investment and Best practices.
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