December 2012 :
How Welch Allyn Streamlines SAP Transactions Using GuiXT and Bar Coding [ Welch Allyn ]


Speakers: Andy Rindfleisch, Process Improvement Manager, Welch Allyn and DeeDee Kato, Product Marketing Director, Synactive

Description: Learn how Welch Allyn cuts their SAP transaction times in half, enables bar code scanning, and automates reports from SAP to Excel...all using GuiXT. Andy Rindfleisch, Process Improvement Manager at Welch Allyn will show how easy it is to build GuiXT scripts for creating single screen transactions. For example, MM02 has gone from 3 screens, 28 tabs, hundreds of fields, down to ONE screen and 14 fields. They have streamlined their manufacturing flow with bar code scanning that has dramatically reduced transaction time and errors. Using the same script users can automatically output data into Excel and send out reports with the touch of one button.
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