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Work Center App

Deepen insights into the impact of machines and employees operations

With Work Center App, you can accelerate business growth with deeper, targeted insight into your machine or a group of machines, employees or a group of employees, production lines and assembly work centers dynamically. Get a full understanding of critical business objects so you can minimize business disruption.

Enrich and analyze your scheduling, tasks and cost center data to identify new saving opportunities. Segment, manage and track work center details throughout the project lifecycle. Gain transparency into potential barriers by viewing the cost center information for the current work center. View real time details of a work center based on criteria such as a specific plant and work center. Provide comprehensive capabilities to edit work center information. Powered by GuiXT Liquid UI, the app can be deployed on multiple touch points such as Mobile, Web and Desktop.

Features and Benefits

  • View details of a work center by plant and work center criteria.
  • View the cost center information for the current work center.
  • Choose to edit any work center information.
  • Real time access to work center details.
  • Manage and track your work center throughout the project lifecycle
Work Center App for SAP ERP Display Cost Center - Basic Screen Display Work Center Details - Basic Data Display Display Work Center Details - Costing


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