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Track Sales Order App

Enable your users to easily monitor sales orders in a MOBILE environment

Customer experience is vital to success in this increasingly competitive marketplace. Profit margins are thin and there is little room for errors. We live in a world where people have high expectations, so it´s important for companies to be up-to speed if they want to stay on top of the business. The Track Sales Orders app allows the enterprises to lookup the status of any sales order anywhere at any given time.

As a native application built on the Liquid UI platform, the sales order activity updated in SAP will reflect in the application immediately, resulting in a real time updates on your device. The Track Sales Orders App enables users to search for orders using basic criteria, displays header or item level details of a selected order. The users can also chose to display a detailed view of the order status to determine the current state. Powered by GuiXT, the Track Sales Order App is ideal solution for tracking sales activity on the go.

Features and Benefits

  • Users can search sales orders by sales document (order) number as a range, sold-to party number as a range, created on date as a range and created by name as a range.
  • Users can view sales orders list and select a sales order to view it´s status and item details.
  • Graphical representation of sales order in form of gauge for easy visualization.
  • The item details will also display the item status for each line item.
  • One easy to use interface with work order drill down capabilities.
  • Show real time sales order details.
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