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SAP Basis App

Discover the benefits of Instant, Mobile Access to remotely manage users

With Liquid UI, Synactive is helping individuals to reliably and seamlessly connect to SAP ERP from anywhere, using any device, with a high level of security. This freedom is changing the way information technology departments work, enabling IT to do more administrative tasks in real-time from their mobile devices. It improves the means by which IT departments can respond and it provides added confidence and device flexibility.

Powered by the Liquid UI Rapid Development Framework, the SAP Basis app gives users fast, easy and secure access to perform SAP IT administrative tasks from mobile devices. Whether on the road or in a meeting, IT staff can now quickly and easily manage users remotely as if they were sitting in front of their desktop. The app provides a unified Basis Transaction process that runs on mobile devices (as well as desktop PCs or through web browsers) resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Users can consolidate all required information necessary to perform some administrative actions.
  • Authorized Users can view the list of currently logged on users.
  • Authorized Users can lock/unlock a user from accessing SAP.
  • Authorized Users can reset password.
  • Authorized Users can send system notifications to all logged on users.
SAP Basis App Home Screen SAP Basis - Lock and Unlock Users SAP Basis - Logged Users List SAP Basis - Reset Password SAP Basis - Send System Notification


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