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Display Quotation App

Optimize sales processes with real-time and in-depth access to sales detail

Accurate and streamlined sales processes is crucial for company´s growth. The request for quotation is the initial step for SAP Sales and Distribution module. The Display Quotation App allows enterprises to lookup existing quotes created in SAP, anywhere at any given time.

Powered by GuiXT, the Display Quotation App not only provides ability to lookup the quote information but also convert the quote into a sales order by selecting the line items or order type. Sales Order activity updated in SAP will reflect in the application immediately, resulting in a real time updates on the device. This timeliness and integrity of sales data can have great impact on operational reporting and execution of key business processes.

Features and Benefits

  • User can view quote details by selecting quote from the list.
  • Ability to create sales order from quote by entering lines items or order type.
  • User can change the quantities, and select the material line items from the quotation.
  • User has the ability to edit all information inside the sales order creation as with native SAP.
  • Users can look up quotes by Document Number from and to, Sales Document Type from and to, Sold-to Party from and to, Document date from and to, Material from and to, Valid From and to, Purchase Order number from and to, and Open quotations or All quotations
  • Show real time sales order details.
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