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Cycle Count App

Streamline and fine tune inventory management with real time access to inventory data

Companies deal with thousands of materials or stocks on daily basis. In the modern business environment it´s critical to manage inventory successfully. Profit margins are thin and there is little room for waste or inefficient processes. The Cycle Count App allows enterprises to efficiently track and record stock movements enabling them to stay on top of the business.

Powered by GuiXT, the Cycle Count App helps in creating inventory document and depending on authorization level gives permission to users for modifying materials across warehouse anywhere at any point of time. All the required information necessary to create inventory document is consolidated at single reference point, resulting in improved inventory control and materials planning.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve customer service with timely delivery and fewer materials shortages and stock outs.
  • Reduce inventory costs with improved inventory control and materials planning.
  • Improve business insight with powerful warehouse and inventory tool.
  • Users can work more efficiently via workflow integration in the application.
  • Users can consolidate all required information necessary to create inventory document on single reference point.
  • Users are less prone to errors and have more buy-in for the application.
  • Users do not have to think about which inventory action they need to proceed but following the design of layouts and procedures.
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