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Liquid UI for HTML5 Features

A User-Friendly Interface to Fit Any Need

Liquid UI for HTML5 allows companies to maximize the efficiency of SAP processes by minimizing the amount of time, risk and resources involved. The product features a user-friendly interface rendered through any HTML5-based browser, allowing businesses to streamline any process while allowing a business to speed up their ROI on SAP.

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The Efficiency of a Single Access Point

Perfect for businesses of any size, Liquid UI for HTML5 allows any number of users to access information using a single access point such as portals. That means executives, employees, partners, suppliers and customers - any member of your team that needs access - can utilize Liquid UI from a single access point while sitting at a desk or using a mobile device. With Liquid UI for HTML5, users can access any information from any location so they can complete their tasks on time.

Simple and Streamlined

Building a company GUI is an important business strategy but can be hard to build a new GUI on top of existing interfaces. Liquid UI provides an easy, quick and flexible way to update your company's custom interface including your branding in house while ensuring flawless migration to future SAP releases.

Liquid UI is built on the same Liquid UI technology that enables simplified and stock SAP transaction screens to be presented in the WEB environment. Develop your custom screens once and deploy it to native SAP GUI on the desktop, through our native iOS or Android client, and now through any HTML5-based browser with NO additional development required, eliminating the need for for multiple applications, tools, and dedicated resources to maintain different touchpoints.

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No Plug-in Needed

Liquid UI for HTML5 does not require Silverlight or Adobe flash. It is fully Javascript driven and fully cutomizable. Companies deploying Liquid UI for HTML5 can customize it to suite their own corporate look. For platforms like iOS and Android, Liquid UI have custom native software. Liquid UI for HTM5 can also be used with Surface and Blackberry.

No Special Configurations and Zero Footprints

Liquid UI for HTML5 is out of box browser application which runs on all major browsers. The product leaves no footprint in browser delivery. There is no need for any software or registry keys to be installed by end-users.

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