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Get self-paced support for your team needs with Plans.

Remote Development Assistance (RDA) program helps your team with SAP optimization needs that fall outside the scope of our technical support. Get help with debugging script, existing development, deployment, migration, updates, upgrades, and patches – or all of the above.

RDA program helps your SAP teams with different areas of script development for current Liquid UI / GuiXT implementations that falls outside the scope of our technical support. RDA offers three plans that include the following:

100 Hour Remote Development Assistance (RDA)
75 Hour Remote Development Assistance (RDA) $13,350
50 Hour Remote Development Assistance (RDA) $9,376


  • Expert assistance is available for quick turn-around and for immediate results.
  • Dedicated support offered for script debugging, existing development, deployment, migration, updates, upgrades and patches.
  • Support is provided via phone, email and web meetings.
  • Time allocations are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • RDA covers existing development only.
  • New development effort requiring project scoping is not covered under this program and is supported by Synactive Professional Services at ongoing rates.

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