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What is Liquid UI for Android?

Mobilize Your Workforce with Android App

Mobilize Your Workforce with Android

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Crucial SAP GUI Features

Leveraging Device Capabilities

Liquid UI leverages device specific feature such as email for Workflow integration, gestures, and touch centric user interactions vs. keyboard/mouse interactions.

Android SAP Workflow

Customized Themes

Liquid UI enables users to change fonts, pick a custom color or even change background to have company´s personalized look and feel. This also supports form elements such as message box, calendar, combo box as well as menus, list and table views. Once the theme is defined, the users can easily switch between custom themes.

Integration with Web Services and Websites

Liquid UI provides an interface for integrating web services. This integration offers wide a range of uses from providing turn-by-turn directions to help users get to a certain address or translating a German language UI to English before the data is posted to SAP. In the examples video, Liquid UI calls Google web services using simple scripting and Curl. Also you can make internal RFC calls, and interact with an external internet site to load data into SAP.

Mobile Google Web Service

Android Zoom In / Zoom Out

Zoom in / Zoom out

Liquid UI Zoom In / Zoom Out feature is a built in magnifier that works on most of the SAP screens. While the users is zoomed-in they can still use all the familiar gestures to navigate through the SAP transaction or screens

Configuration Auto Logon

Liquid UI enables the users to connect automatically to their SAP server, without being required to enter logon credentials each time. When auto logon is turned on, the user only need to enter your user information once and then it is saved for subsequent logons as long as the profile is selected as the default.

Android Auto Logon

Android Smart Action

Smart Action Button

Liquid UI Smart Action Button is a dynamic conditional button whose action changes depending on what need to be done. The button changes base on where the users are and the intended action needed to be performed on the current SAP screen after completion of data entry.