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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the questions we hear a lot, and you´ll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don´t hesitate to contact us — we´re here to help.

  • What is Liquid UI for iOS aka Liquid UI for SAP?

    Liquid UI is a reimagination of SAP GUI, built with touch and mobility in mind. It combines the ease of use of iOS applications with the simplicity of management and deployment of SAP GUI. Liquid UI drives your workforce by providing mobile access, without the need to redevelop z* transactions or recreate them in Fiori. With Liquid UI, you can also simplify transaction screens on iOS as per your business needs.
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  • Is my device supported?

    Liquid UI for iOS is supported on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod Touch with operating system v6.0 and above.

  • Typical Supported Transactions

    Including, but not limited to CORK, COR3, COIO, CR02, CR03, IE03, KS03, MC+A, MC+Q, ME23N, ME28, ME29N, ME54N, ME55, MIGO, IW33, MI10, MI08, MMBE, MM03, VA01, VA02, VA03, SM02, SM04, SU01
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  • Typical Use Cases
    • All crucial SAP GUI features such as F4, F1, and multi-sessions are supported natively.

    • The users can customize F4, or F1 actions help by creating custom subsets of values.

    • Leverage device specific feature such camera for barcode scanning, email for Workflow integration, gestures, and touch-centric user interactions vs. keyboard/mouse interactions.

  • What are the basics components for running Liquid UI for iOS?
    • Liquid UI for iOS App.

    • Liquid UI for iOS license file (Optional for in app purchase).

  • How do I get a Liquid UI for iOS trial license?

    Send us the request at Liquid UI for iOS Free Trial Form.
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  • How do I install Liquid UI for iOS license on the device?

    Installing Liquid UI License on iOS

  • How do I connect Liquid UI for iOS to my SAP Server?

    Connect to Your SAP Server

  • How do I scan and add an existing SAP Server connection on Liquid UI for iOS?

    Scanning and Adding Your SAP Server Connection

  • How to purchase Liquid UI for iOS?

    We recommend buying the app from the App Store for single license or send us an email at rfi@guixt.com to buy bulk licenses at discounted price.
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  • What is different between Backup vs. Restore on settings screen?

    The backup button will upload all the connections information including scanner configuration to the iCloud. The restore button will download all the connections information from iCloud provided it the same iCloud account.

  • How can I configure Liquid UI for iOS for Linea Pro?

    Goto the settings screen and click the scanner button. It support full native scanner configuration capability including auto tabbing and auto enter, based on prefixes, postfixes, and barcode types.

  • Liquid UI for iOS won´t connect to Liquid UI Server

    Possible causes,

    • The mobile device and the server are not the same network.

    • The mobile device is not connected to the network.

    • Invalid Liquid UI for iOS license.

    • The application not properly configured.

    • Liquid UI Server is not running due to invalid license or missing license file or service not started.

  • How do I customize Liquid UI for iOS?

    You can adjust your Liquid UI for iOS app settings available under Setting screen. Different options become available depending on the type of license.
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  • What features are supported with Liquid UI Client license?

    Liquid UI Client License supports,

    • Plug right into SAP (native connect) ensures fastest performance between your SAP and mobile devices.

    • Any endian kernel support.

    • Multi-language support allows localized user interfaces.

    • Built for speed to address more memory resulting in faster computing power.

    • Fast, frictionless table scroll for fluid scrolling, including support for static columns.

    • Split view for multi-tasking.

    • Access all crucial features supports F4, F1, and multi-sessions.

    • Multiple connections to SAP Server.

    • On-the-go printing, right from the app.

    • Attaching instantly to SAP transactions.

    • Auto login to connect automatically to SAP server.

    • Tiles and classic themes support.

    • Device gestures support enables flicks, swipes, and zoom.

    • Message box, menus, calendar, combo box, listview / table.

    • Automating SAP transactions to eliminate slow, manually dependent and error prone processes.

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  • What features are supported with Liquid UI Enterprise aka Liquid UI Pro license?

    Liquid UI Enterprise supports everything you get with Liquid UI Client, plus:

    • Management Portal, license managing and provisioning using portal.

    • Liquid UI Server, enterprise-grade 64-bits middleware between SAP Server and clients enables simplified and customized interface across a wide variety of touch points.

    • Multi-language support allows localized user interfaces.

    • Rule-based barcode integration using either the built-in camera or with third party devices such as Linea Pro. It supports full native scanner configuration capability, performs auto-tabbing and auto enter, based on prefixes, postfixes, and barcode types.

    • SAP Workflow, leveraging device specific feature such as email for SAP workflow integration.

    • Web Services, offering wide a range of uses from providing turn-by-turn directions to help users get to a certain address or translating a German language UI to English before the data is posted to SAP.

    • Themes Support, offering a new smarter user interface for an entirely innovative user experience to improve the screen visibility and usability.

    • Data Encryption, providing additional security for data being transmitted wirelessly.

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  • How does Liquid UI for iOS subscriptions work?

    A subscription is a great, low-cost way of using Liquid UI iOS App for SAP ERP.
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  • What is Demo Server / demo.guixt.com?

    The purpose of Demo Server is to introduce you to Liquid UI for iOS App. It goes through native SAP screens as well as optimized Liquid UI screens for the same transaction.
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  • If you´re interested in learning more about Liquid UI for iOS, please contact your Liquid UI account executive, or let us know where we can contact you.