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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the questions we hear a lot, and you´ll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don´t hesitate to contact us — we´re here to help.

  • What is Liquid UI Server aka GuiXT Server?

    Liquid UI Server is a patented solution between your SAP Server and client that customizes, mobilizes and optimizes your SAP processes to gain performance.

  • What´s the value of Liquid UI Server?

    Liquid UI Server acts as an appliance, that turns on and gives you access to simplified SAP. It sits between your SAP Server and client, optimizing network traffic and consolidating screens and transactions, resulting in significant performance improvements across all SAP ERP processes.

  • Why do I need Liquid UI Server?

    Virtually everyone who uses Liquid UI Server begins by employing it for customizing SAP transactions, then scales it in different ways, depending on need. Here are 12 possibilities:

    • World-class security & encryption - Get multithread architecture supported by SSL/TLS 2.0 encryption for your SAP customization.

    • Enable single sign-on across any device - Give users the ability to login into your SAP using Active Directory avoiding managing multiple usernames and passwords resulting in less core for IT.

    • Easy centralized management - Manage your users/licenses and track usage centrally from one place using Liquid UI Portal.

    • Traffic Optimizer - Send only the required information to the client from your SAP server thus improving your overall server and network throughput.

    • SAP Accelerator - Reduce your network latency by minimizing network communication between the client and your SAP Server thus taking advantage of the existing bandwidth.

    • Built for speed - Harness the power of advanced architecture to gain faster computing power and improve the overall responsiveness of your SAP.

    • Create smarter user interface - Simplify and streamline your standard SAP transactions to boost productivity.

    • Unify business processes - Engage your users with one integrated platform eliminating the expense of managing multiple servers for different custom-built SAP applications.

    • Deploy changes centrally - Breakdown script inconsistencies by centralizing deployment and sending updates across your organization at the same time.

    • Save months of work - Innovate your SAP faster with an easy to develop and deploy technology, saving months of work as compared to other implementations.

    • Put scalability first - Enable multicore processing for your SAP which is highly scalable and supports load balancing across multiple servers.

    • Flexible implementation - Provide all your SAP optimization through industrial standard JavaScript, eliminating dependency on proprietary languages.

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  • How do I get a Liquid UI Server trial license?

    Send us the request at Liquid UI SDK (Server and Designer) Free Trial Form.
    Liquid UI SDK Guide

  • How to purchase Liquid UI Server?

    We recommend to contact your Liquid UI account executive or send us an email at rfi@guixt.com/sales@guixt.com to buy Liquid UI Server license.

  • How do I install Liquid UI Server on the device?

    Installing Liquid UI Server Guide

  • How do I add and remove Liquid UI for Server license on the device?

    Adding and Removing Liquid UI Server License Guide

  • How do I configure Liquid UI Server?

    Learn More - Configuring Liquid UI Server Guide

  • If you´re interested in learning more about Liquid UI Server, please contact your Liquid UI account executive, or let us know where we can contact you.