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Customize, mobilize and optimize your SAP to gain performance

Liquid UI Server is a patented solution between your SAP Server and client that optimizes network traffic and consolidates screens and transactions, resulting in significant performance improvements across all SAP ERP processes. Furthermore, it reduces latency by managing the to and fro network communications between your SAP Server and client, very helpful for remote users located in different places or across countries.

Create, edit or develop your SAP application — all in one place.

Take advantage of your entire SAP infrastructure with zero or minimal development efforts. With Liquid UI Server, use your existing scripts or create new customized scripts. You can start with desktop and extends the same customization to mobile, web or even offline devices.

Our efficient plant maintenance add-on provides simplification of SAP PM for work order management, notification, time entry and other PM related tasks.
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Liquid UI Server Productivity Impact

Average 52% Improvement with Liquid UI Server

"10 seconds vs. 120 seconds per remote transaction across 1500 global users (connecting to SAP Server in United States) for SAP QM"

- Liquid UI Server Throughput and Scalability Improvement

Proven Results

Average 42% reduction in clicks and 33% reduction in time per sales order for VA01.

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Explore how Liquid UI Server can help you to optimize your SAP processes to achieve more performance with minimal efforts.

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