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Seattle Public Schools Improves 90% of Process Efficiency and Data Accuracy by Streamlining SAP HR using Liquid UI


Seattle Public Schools (SPS) situated in Washington is one of the largest public school districts and serves the entire city of Seattle. As of 2012, 91 schools are managed by the district, serving around 47,000 students throughout the city.


  • Correcting errors and reprocessing was expensive and time-consuming
    • Cause: Data got changeable and contradictory because of inconsistent information posted.
    • Effect: The process turned out to be time-consuming to rectify the details.
  • Hand operated procedure for validating data
    • Cause: Monitoring and inspecting each detail of HR inquiry each time was laborious and made it confusing.
    • Effect: There was a probable chance of a risk whenever the user omitted any data while comparing values.
  • Slow and tedious SAP data entry
    • Cause: Possibility of committing an error arose because of unnecessary data entries were present.
    • Effect: Maintenance of data was inaccurate as it changed over different transactions which made it difficult to rectify the details.
  • Reiteration of data makes the process tiresome and prone to mistakes
    • Cause: Users had to enter repetitive data across multiple transactions.
    • Effect: Futile repetition of tasks, led to putting in different values for the same field across various transactions led to errors in the record.


  • Liquid UI for SAP GUI provided solutions to jumpstart the functions of the HR department of SPS.
  • Liquid UI streamlined the process by using a one-time entry with the routine tasks to enter identical value across diverse transactions and by adding auto data validation as one does not require to go to different transactions to make the comparison of the data manually.
  • Liquid UI offers an unparalleled automatic solution that boosts up the entire process, and it saves time by 90% to complete it.
  • PA20, PO13, and PA40 helped to enhance the performance as where it took 5 minutes to accomplish a task, now took only 30 seconds to close it. User actions are lowered by 90% to execute the entire process (18 screens vs. 1 screen, 21 clicks vs. 2 clicks).


  • Modifying the HR data of arranging and positioning of the employee and making alterations in the schedule became a one screen process.
  • Productivity increased by 90% as the time utilized to process a request decreased.
  • Record accuracy improved by 90% because of the absence repetitive data entries.
  • Boosts process efficiency as number of screens and the clicks required to process data have lowered.

Next Steps

Liquid UI enables you to customize business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.


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