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American Air Filter Saves 70% of users´ time by Customizing SAP SD and Maximizes ROI by Integrating Salesforce to SAP Using Liquid UI


Founded in 1921, American Air Filter (AAF) designs, develops and manufactures filtration products. AAF’s clean air products and systems offer the most comprehensive clean air solutions available in the world. AAF is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and maintains operations across 22 countries with more than 3,000 employees.


  • Ensure faster and easier creation of sales orders
    • Cause: Users were getting overwhelmed with navigating through multiple tabs while entering item data and header data.
    • Effect: There were drops in employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Laborious and error-prone entries from Salesforce to SAP
    • Cause: Time-consuming manual transferring Sales Quote information from Salesforce to SAP.
    • Effect: The users had to enter data twice and costly errors correction.
  • Improve operational efficiency
    • Cause: Hard to guarantee credit check, pricing condition check, and an availability check for every order.
    • Effect: Potential risk of becoming a significant expense if the user missed value validation.
  • Allow easier access to SD data
    • Cause: Personnel needed to take additional steps to search through sales order data including deliveries, invoices and payment status.
    • Effect: Unnecessary repetitive tasks and hard to find specific numbers to support faster decision-making.


  • Liquid UI for SAP GUI simplified the entire gamut of their day-to-day sales and distribution activities.
  • Liquid UI enhanced their SAP SD with a credit check, adding pricing conditions, and an availability check for associated parts.

  • Apart from bringing different tabs and fields on the same screen, Liquid UI created radio buttons for Purchase Order Type and created three views for Header Overview View, Line Item View, and Dates View.
  • Furthermore, they can see customers’ credit worthiness, pending dispatches, shipments, and invoices in real-time.

  • Liquid UI also facilitates integration between Salesforce and SAP by creating Create Quote, Change Quote, Display Quote and List Quote links.
  • With this, the information is entered only once in Salesforce and is directly transferred into SAP with a simple button click.


  • Reduced steps involves in SD transactions saves 70% of users´ time
  • Automated data entry between SAP and Salesforce
  • Improves sales process from generating sales orders to billing the customer
  • Enhanced SD process by adding credit check, pricing conditions, and an availability check for stock detail
  • Minimize data entry errors by 80%

Next Steps

Liquid UI enables you to customize business processes, eliminate fields, consolidate screens, tabs, and transactions to achieve a holistic solution while preserving transaction richness. It does this without having to rebuild the whole transaction.


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