Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.3.8 GPS


Liquid UI for iOS supports GPS and enables Liquid UI users to populate geographical coordinates on any SAP ERP inputfield with longpress. This allows users to locate themselves on a map, find and navigate to destinations via detailed directions, and search maps using a number of different methods. GPS feature is enabled using the longpress gesture for the inputfield.

Note: A valid Liquid UI client license required to use Liquid UI GPS feature.


  • Install Liquid UI for iOS from App Store. (Click here to know more about Liquid UI for iOS installation)
  • Enable the Location option in settings of your iOS device.

Liquid UI GPS Functionality

This feature enables the Liquid UI for iOS users to track the location, in terms of latitude and longitude values with long press on any inputfield.

User Interface

  1. Liquid UI GPS feature eliminates manual data entries by populating the latitude and longitude values of the location. The user can also edit the GPS field by placing the cursor on the inputfield. Open Liquid UI for iOS App. Navigate to any SAP transaction. For Example MM01 transaction
  2. Longpress on any inputfield to use all the available options for inputfield.
  3. Select GPS to insert the latitude and longitude values into the inputfield.
  4. To edit the GPS field values, place the cursor on the inputfield. The user can manually edit the field with the device keyboard.