Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.3 How do I get a Liquid UI for iOS trial license?

You can get a trial license for Liquid UI for iOS either from the App or from the website.

To request a license from the App:

  1. Launch the Liquid UI for iOS App and select navigation drawer available on the upper right hand side of the screen.
  2. Choose Request License to obtain license assistance.
  3. Select Make a Request option to send request for free trial license.
  4. Fill the form and click Send button. An email with the form details will get popup . You can edit the email and send it to the Synactive. The support team will contact you and send you a free trial license.

Note: Without a valid license, you are restricted to connect to two SAP connections and 150 packets limit between the App and server. If you want to access full functionality of Liquid UI for iOS, you need to send a license request to Synactive through License Assistance from Liquid UI for iOS App.

To request a license from the website:

  1. Open this link in the web browser and fill out requested information in the form and click Get Started Now,
  2. You will see THANK YOU page, confirming successful submission of request.